Communication! We hear that word so often and it really is the most important element of the human condition, yet sometimes we are so utterly useless at it. 

For years the written blog was the "big" thing with everyone having an online blog published via Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger... The list goes on and on. I always loved the idea of it, but was basically not all that great at keeping up with it and couldn't really organise my thoughts on certain subjects all that well by simply typing. I mean given this is my first post this year, I'd be inclined to say I still suck at it!

So it occurred to me, why not do this via video? I love words, I really do,  but I can ponce around for hours trying to get the terminology right and I'm always trying to find images to back what I'm saying as I don't always feel I can get my point across well enough in words. If you are recording a video, It can (and I'm not saying always), be much easier to get your point across and reach folks in a more multi-dimensional form of communication; I mean if speech is said to only count for around seven percent of our interaction with others, then surely words are open to all sorts of odd interpretation, especially if like me you don't feel all that great about some things you write.

I think with video, it's so much better for an audience to be able to see and hear you as you are explaining something to them, it gets across that full sense of your excitement, determination, disappointment or whatever other emotions you as a content creator might be feeling at the time; not to mention the power of the screen capture software out there now, I can actually show you a Pro Tools or Logic session rather than type about it. Hell, with live streams, you can even ask questions live and be apart of that specific moment with me!

On a personal level, it's been amazing, even funny at times to go back and see what I was up to at certain periods in my life as I continue building my career so to cut a long story short, we're doing this!

I'd love for you all to continue following me on here for sure as I intend to keep a semi regular blog for certain events, but why not head over to my YouTube Channel and hit the subscribe button to keep up with my projects in a more live sense, I'll actually talk over there!