I'm basically in love with Spitfire Audio's samples, the textures and colours they have captured over the years have been essential in reaching my audiences and telling the right stories effectively within my film scores. It was during my usual online scout for new samples for my next projects when I stumbled across a series of videos they had published known as Creative Cribsand I wanted to share it with you guys.

Given their outreach with film composers all over the globe, they (Spitfire Audio) have been able to get an inside look at many composers studios and give us a pretty comprehensive tour. I have embedded my three favorites below and hope you guys will take the time to check them out as well as taking a look at the vast collection Spitfire have posted...

Harry Gregson-Williams gives us an amazing insight into not only his studio and creative workflow, but he gives great advice for us emerging composers and recounts his past discussing his arrival in Los Angeles working with Hans Zimmer. 

It was also interesting for me to hear that he had moved studios!  I knocked on the door of his old Venice Beach, CA situated space last year only to find no one was home, this is why!


John Powell just seems like an amazingly interesting guy and his studio is just awesome! I really was not expecting so much technology to be packed into such an intricate building; it just keeps coming and coming as he guides you through his entire working and recording space.




Alan Meyerson is someone I just genuinely have so much respect for! Without him, many of my favorite film score would sound very different indeed! Amazingly, Alan kindly takes us around his mixing space at Remote Control Productions and talks us through his workflow at the blunt end of the process… mixing music for blockbusters.