The score was incredible I felt every emotion and every second of the film through your music
It was an incredible journey and as a film maker I learnt so much from this
— Velton 'veg' Lishke - Actor/Director
Michael is an amazing composer who can adapt his music perfectly to what ever material he is given. His individual talent is very special but he is also able to work within a team extremely well and under pressure. He has a good sense of humour and kind heart. I would recommend Michael to any professional because if you want the perfect composer Michael is the man for the job. His time keeping is great his ambition is realistic and above all he is an amazing talented honest kind individual that will set standards higher than you were hoping
— Louis Frost - Producer/Director @ Silver Lining Films
Michael is a very talented composer. I very hope that one day he will become a film composer for Hollywood - his talent deserves nothing less!
— Stace Constantinou - Creative Director @ Personatones
Michael was an absolute pleasure to work alongside and his engineering skills and technical knowledge is astounding. From hearing his online portfolio of composition I am certain he will make a big mark in music arena and would always be happy to work with him again on other projects!
— Matthew Parisi - Principal Studio Engineer @ Mike Stock Music
The finished result is more than I could ever ask for in a film score. It has truly brought the film to life, giving the narrative a deeper atmosphere that would be greatly lacking without. The style and instrumental arrangements have fulfilled all criteria, bringing classic horror to mind, whilst maintaining originality. From the outset the score accentuates the underlying feeling of dread, whilst drawing on the sadness suggested by the characters’ words and actions, building on tension with the strings and exciting the senses in the percussion, striving into an apocalyptic crescendo. Sound details that added further to the piece, especially that of the “flies”, were a godsend for the “vision” and the “chase” sequences, that seemed bare and crass before the sound contextualised the scenes. As a result, I’d say we have a real ‘creeper’ on our hands, and considering this is a debut film score from the composer is astounding, and I for one would happily employ him again and recommend him to the highest degree.
— Matthew Clark - Actor (Francis), Director (Jogger)