“Lucille Phillips lives with her mother in a council estate. She pretends to be more mature than her years and visits bars regularly with her friend Becky, wearing stolen designer dresses and on the prowl. Since her father left when she was very young she has always looked for older gentlemen to date that can look after her and support her financial needs. She lies about her age and her background in order to appeal to these more mature men. On this particular night she meets Derek, but will her deception and lies come back to haunt her?” — Synopsis

I was contacted by the lovely Eva Marie Wilshere who had been on the look out for a composer to add some romantic/atmospheric music to a scene in her beautifully shot short film, 'Local Girl'. We snapped up the opportunity and collaborated with her to underscore her picture in time for the festivals. Local Girl was shown on a number of nights at the Brighton Media Festival during the summer of 2014.