As a youngster, I would spend hours and hours playing video games, it was pretty much my entire life during the week as I would always watch movies with my father on the weekends. I mainly played PC games with titles such as Max Payne, Neverwinter Nights, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Age of Empires and Half-Life coming to mind, but as I got older, my attention switched more towards music and my passion for video games became less and less to the point of being literally non-existent.

I love the concept of games and am constantly wowed by what I see and hear from them and I of course have a lot of respect for the studios and creative professionals who put their souls into creating something great, but I just can never seem to get myself into the mindset of sitting down and actually playing them like I once did. 

One of my very best mates is hugely into his games and is constantly telling me I should try the new titles out and I’ve been trying here and there. We started playing Resident Evil 6 together on XBOX live and although it took us a year to get through one chapter (I made no exaggeration when I said I’m useless and playing them) I really did enjoy it when I actually say down and played it. 

So what’s the deal? Have I become so busy that I have simply forgotten how to relax? I think this is possibly the case and it’s something that’s been bothering the hell out of me for some time now so I went and bought myself some surround sound headphones from Turtle Beach in an attempt to channel myself directly into the game and picked up a copy of the new Tomb Raider and of course, The Wolf Among Us at the recommendation of my mate. 

Tomb Raider I’m really enjoying, but I find myself becoming frustrated at times when I can’t find where to go in the game, visually and sonically both in terms of music and sound, the game is beautiful and I will complete it within the next month or so but my attention has moved more towards The Wolf Among Us. 

I love the gritty atmosphere In TFAU which is present in the score before you even hit the start button and I find many of the characters both brutal and amusing which interests me. I felt instantly involved with the story and I wanted to know more from the very beginning, so maybe this is my way back into gaming? It’s not exactly a hard game to play and I’m sure for the hardcore gamers out there, they would be recommending something far more complex, but for me, it’s entertaining. It’s almost like watching a movie in which you are the director trailing out new ways in which to portray the story as your actions have an effect on the game itself. 

Let's hope this video gaming rebirth will continue!