I have been so excited to hear that Blanket was nominated for Best Score earlier this month at Views of the World Film & Music Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The final screening version of the film has just been sent off to the festival and from looking at the schedule, it's going to be shown at around 11:30am (Canadian Time | GMT-4) this Sunday (September 25th 2016) with the awards ceremonies starting from 6pm (11pm UK time).

Blanket was a tricky film for me to write, given the subject matter and minimal dialogue approach, It took me quite a while to discover how to best voice the film musically. Blanket tackles a multitude of emotions including depression, happiness, despair. romance, thriller, suspense, horror and regret. While attempting to keep things minimal and not overpower the film.

Than you to everyone who has supported my on this journey thus far, your continued support means the world to me!