First off! Where have you been Mike? I know its been a while since I wrote on my site, absolutely shocking, but after much hiatus for personal reasons and going a bit mental for a while, I am firmly back; and I think a new venture I recently started with my mate Richard Yaxley (RetroRic) will help solidify that.

Ric is a lifelong friend of mine and we have been talking music, film, games, tv shows, culture, society and entertainment history for as long as I can remember. We basically decided to record ourselves listening to music from all genres, new and old and reacting to each track in a very informal setting while having a few beers. These reactions of course are being filmed with a video being released to our Youtube Channel each week, the channel is called Off The Record and I very much hope you will check out some of the content…

Two Londoners reacting, reviewing and revisiting music, films, TV shows, video games, entertainment history, culture and more in a very informal setting!
— Off The Record

The idea basically started in the pub, when any sort of formalities had died off leaving us mates to just have an honest catch up and the channel very much follows that vein… For the sensitive out there, yes, there is swearing present on most videos.

If anyone has any suggestions on what we should talk about (remember its not limited to film music), please give us a shout on the channel.