So who am I?
My name is Mike and I'm a cinematic/film music composer, ambient sound designer, music producer and tutor/consultant based in the UK on the outskirts of London where I work from my home studio, Aurora Eclipse Productions. You may have found me via my Youtube videos, spoke to me in person, heard my music online or simply stumbled upon me on social media... Whatever the route, I'm glad you found your way here! 

I have composed music and designed sound for short and feature films, documentaries, animations, company branding/identity, bands, artists and more... I am now continuing to develop my skills as I pitch (both winning and loosing projects) compose music, design sound and much, much more.

So who wants to come on a journey with me?
My Patreon operates on a few levels of subscription all of which are outlined in the right hand column...
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If you are enjoying my videos, like my work and want to see/hear more, you can partner with me here to directly support my music career... In return, let me take you on a journey, show you behind the scenes footage, share my latest news and project updates before it's announced, follow you, send copies of my latest music as soon as its ready before it's live in the stores, invite you to community online hangouts and provide you with 1-2-1 private tuition.

Your contributions will allow me to keep streaming, stop my systems from crashing, obtain ever advancing and vital sample libraries, plugins and hardware, hire session musicians to add a more human element to my scores and employ mixing/mastering engineers to assist me through the final stages of production.