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Michael W. Bell is a British cinematic and film music composer, ambient sound designer, sound engineer and record producer. He has composed music and designed sound for films, trailers, documentaries, animations, online videos and company brandings for various filmmakers and music supervisors worldwide; alongside his film work, Mike has also produced records for rock, metal and hip-hop artists. 

Born on July 1st 1988 in London, Mike moved around a lot spending most of his youth both in and around London and the Sound East. His first memorable experience with film and music was watching Disney's Fantasia as a child.

As a teenager, he discovered Heavy Metal and began playing the electric guitar in a metal band as their rhythm guitarist. After a few years with the band, Mike decided to study Music Production with the aim of becoming a live sound engineer, but ultimately he stumbled upon a passion for creating music for film during one of the many assignments.

In 2011 while still studying, Mike was commissioned to score his first short film "Francis". In 2012, he was given the chance to compose a cinematic, dark ambient/orchestral soundscape for the US-based band Shores of Acheron which featured on their EP "End of Reign". He also got a chance to see things from a foley perspective working as a foley artist/sound designer for a student animator who had produced a short piece entitled "Æ Har Det Bare Bra", a project which went on to win an award at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival during the same year.

After graduating in 2013, Mike relocated to Surrey where he launched his music production company and studio, Aurora Eclipse Productions Ltd. Two early compositions, "Dolour" and "Maritime Discoveries" were released by AEP shortly after.

During 2014, Mike connected with a handful of filmmakers and completed the scores for a number of short films "Local Girl", "Survival", and "Jogger", as well as a short documentary film called "Night Owls". These projects were very important in terms of practising and establishing effective workflows for film scoring.

In 2015, he found himself mostly scoring trailers, idents and showreels for a number of newly formed production companies looking to promote their upcoming and "in production" projects. During this time, he also composed the music for two successful YouTube documentaries, "Mad Frankie Fraser: His Last Interview" and "Legends: The Kray Twins Story". Much to his enjoyment, Mike also had the chance to work with a band again in a studio context and produced "Tales of the Unaffected", the six track debut EP from London-based baroque-pop band, Black Noire.

In 2016, AEP released his first album "Awakening, the Early Scores", a compilation of film music cues composed for early projects which made it to picture. This was a way to mark the end of an era as he began to become more established in the art of writing music for film. To celebrate the Silver Lining Pictures produced Frankie Fraser documentary surpassing 100,000 views on YouTube, Aurora Eclipse Productions also released the "Lurking In The Delta Waves" EP; a 13 minute dark ambient soundscape composed for the film. This was quickly followed by the release of "The Raging of the Falcons", a short action packed cue composed for fun. Towards the end of the year, Mike completed the score for the short drama, "Blanket" which was shown at festivals worldwide during the final months of 2016.

Currently, Mike is working on an epic, large scale orchestral album with the aim of distributing it via a production music library. In addition to this he is busy producing cinematic hip hop tracks for UK based rapper ARK.S, mixing music on a freelance basis and working on personal dark ambient projects with the hope of releasing a full length ambient album during 2018. 

In addition to his music work, Mike enjoys creating videos and interacting with his friends, followers and peers via his YouTube and Patreon channels; here he he documents his work and production processes; Mike also tutors people both in person and via Skype.